COVID-19 Response

FMIS leads the way in COVID-19 response with the supplies you need to cover your team from head to toe. We carry premium products in every category.


FMIS is your one-stop shop to protect your most valuable assets – your people – from COVID-19 infection. Protect yourself and others with our premium isolation apparel available. From reusable and disposable gowns, non-medical disposable face masks, cloth face coverings, hand sanitizers and dispensers, FMIS services oil and gas operators with unparalleled quality of products, services and pricing. When it's time to provide the best protection for your people, reach out to FMIS for the most effective and premium products in Canada.

Disposable Isolation Gowns

FMIS supplies the most premium disposable isolation gowns to prevent high-risk contamination for professionals in every industry. An integral part of PPE, these disposable gowns can be discarded after a single use, offering maximum coverage and reliable protection. With FMIS isolation gowns you are providing safer and comfortable work environment for your employees.


Liquid and Antibacterial Soaps

We supply all Canadian antibacterial and liquid hand soap to keep your hands clean and moisturized while at work. Without the worry of transferring bacteria, our liquid soap products are gentle on your skin while removing heavy grease and oil during a day of work at the oil sands. FMIS offers a heavy-duty liquid soap that thoroughly sanitizes hands leaving you with an extra layer of clean.

Hand Sanitizers

We supply all Canadian premium hand sanitizers to keep your hands clean and moisturized. Our sanitizers are trusted by professionals and industries across Canada, providing convenient flexibility when a proper hand wash is not available. Our high quality and fragrance free products are ideal for any environment.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

FMIS Hand Sanitizer Dispensers operate in a safest possible manner either by automatic sensors or foot pedals. Your dispensers have to look and function at their best in every environment. Appearance and operation can impact how often dispensers are used, and lessen the efficacy of your Response program. FMIS offers dispensers that look professional in any environment and operate reliability day in and day out.

Wearable Protection

Disposable Face masks

Face masks are a considerably important component of your COVID-19 Response. Protecting your face with a face mask and your exposed extremities with a gown, goggles and gloves, all help to increase the chances of surviving a disastrous accident. Rest assured that FMIS provides wholesale non-surgical masks that will allow you to rest easy knowing your staff is protected at all times.

Cloth Reusable Face Coverings

Harmful viruses can spread when workers cough, sneeze and breath heavily in close quarters. Cloth face coverings help to prevent your team from contaminating their workspace – and each other. FMIS provides wholesale solutions for your organization to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

Face Shields

There is always the potential for workers to come into contact with harmful droplets, debris or chemicals. COVID face shields present a hard barrier between these dangerous elements and your workforce. FMIS is a proud Aboriginal supplier providing Canadian manufactured protective face shields that cover from the eyebrows to below the chin.

Wearable Protection

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves have been proven to offer safe and effective protection against contamination. Our premium gloves are comfortable to wear while maintaining their effectiveness. All of our gloves meet and exceed Health Canada standards for COVID-19 protection. Ensure your team is working with the best protection available.

Shoe and Boot Covers

Contaminants can spread to any surface through footwear. Help ensure your team is fully protected with our smart grip technology shoe and boot covers that help protect against the spread of COVID-19. With FMIS, our PPE equipment has you covered, from head to toe.